Now your neckline and your ears will sparkle with our Fused Glass Pendants or Earrings.

When you go to work or out to dinner, you can show off your new wearable art.  Most of our Fused Glass Pendants and Fused Glass Earrings have dichroic glass fused into it.  The dichroic glass makes Fused Glass Jewelry really sparkle.

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Most of our Fused Glass Pendants and Earrings have dichroic glass fused into it.  Dichroic glass is so much fun to work with, because it is so unique.  I am always surprised when I open the kiln the next morning.  Most of the time I am surprised how the Fused Glass Pendants and Fused Glass Earrings turn out.  They can turn out very sparkly or the colors change into something more wonderful!

Dichroic glass is a fun and gorgeous type of glass to incorporate into our Fused Glass pieces.  When a Fused Glass Jewelry piece has dichroic glass in it, it draws so much attention from other people.  The fused glass piece just pops out with its sparkly sheen.

What makes the dichroic so unique is that it transmits one color and reflects a different color according to how you hold it up to the light.  For example, if you hold a piece of green/pink dichroic up to the light, you will see green.  If you take this same piece and put the light behind you, you will see pink.  You have to have a piece in your hand to actually believe it.  

Dichroic glass comes in such a wide variety of patterns, textures and colors.  Dichroic glass is made using a highly technical procedure and the results consist of a very thin layer of metallic oxides on top of black or clear glass. 

This piece of dichroic glass is called "Jet Stream" in warm colors on a background piece of black glass.  It is made by Savoy.  They have a wide variety of dichroic glass and are always getting the latest styles.  It is my favorite dichroic glass website to surf and shop.  

I have used this dichroic glass to make several styles of Fused Glass Pendants and Earrings.