David and Christine Masters

Glass Artists - David and ChristineWe are the two people behind Masters Glass Art.  As Fused Glass Artists, we handcraft kiln-formed Glass Art and we are known to make a wide variety of Glass Art pieces.  We love to try new techniques all the time. 


We strive to stretch our imaginations when designing our Glass Art.  Lately, we have been experimenting with drop ring molds to make Glass Vases.  We are also experimenting with basketweave designs for Glass Vases and Glass Plates.  We are going to try fusing small basketweave designs to Glass Bowls, too.

How we got started:

Christine took her first slumping class in July 2005.  She made a beautiful purple fluted bowl (shown at left) and had so much fun.  She was hooked!  She learned how to fuse and slump glass on her own with lots of trial and error.

David started making fused fish from Christine's scrap glass and people loved them so much that he kept making more.  He also has made fused ornaments, such as snowflakes and Christmas trees.  He has also experimented with clear dichroic glass in pendants.  Last, but not least, Dave helps Christine with other glass pieces and also a lot of behind the scenes work, like paperwork.

As Glass Artists, we love making quality glass art items and we are known to make a wide variety of pieces, using many different types of stained glass and fusible glass, such as dichroic glass and iridized glass.

Each glass piece is hand-crafted by us resulting in unique and "One-of-a-Kind" quality glass art.

We started selling our Fused Glass Jewelry, Glass Bowls, Glass Plates, Glass Vases and Glass Candle HoldersGlass Sun Catchers, and Fused Grey Goose Vodka Bottles in local art fairs and galleries in October 2005.

In 2007, we bought a canopy and started to go to some outdoor Art Festivals.  The first one was the MidSummer Art Festival in Ashland, Oregon in June, the second one was the Festival of the Arts in Brookings, Oregon in August, and the third one was the Bandon Cranberry Festival in Bandon, Oregon in September.  We did very well and had a lot of fun going to these Festivals and meeting other Glass Artists, as well as other Artists.

We hope you enjoy our Glass Art as much as we enjoy making it!

If you want to get ahold of us for any reason, send us an email at fused.glass.hello@gmail.com or give us a call at (541) 825-3758.

David and Christine