How to Bend a Glass Stringer: 


Have you ever wondered how you can achieve the black design on this Yellow Candle Bridge?  Well, it is very easy to do.

Yellow Candle Bridge


1.  Materials: 


·        Standard 1mm thick Glass Stringer, any color

 ·        Candle Flame  

·        Fingers  


2.          Take the stringer and hold it with your fingers, tweezers, or pliers.  Use a long stringer, so you don’t burn your fingers in the flame.  You will need to practice a few times before you know how the stringer reacts to the flame. 


3.          Hold the stringer in the flame for about 8-10 seconds.  The stringer will start to melt and bend.  If you pull on the stringer, it will separate, which is fine, if that is what you want to achieve.  


4.          There will be some soot residue from the flame.  Don’t worry about it, because it will burn off in the kiln. 


5.          Experiment!  It is fun to see what you can do with the stringers.  You will begin to think of all sorts of ways to bend glass stringers with a simple candle flame! 


6.          Have Fun!

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