We are including all our past Masters Glass Art Newsletters for you to read.  We hope you find them informative.

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Masters Glass Art Newsletter

May 2008


Dear Friends,


Can you believe it is the middle of May?  Time seems to fly by so fast.  Every once in awhile, I stop and wonder where the time goes.  Just the other day, I was outside and it was a beautiful spring day.  I actually stopped and smelled the roses.

Well, not really, since the roses aren’t blooming, but I stopped and looked around our yard and noticed the birds chirping, the bulbs blooming, and listened to the wind blow through the trees.  It was a wonderful few minutes and I wish I did it more often.

20% OFF!  We are having a sale on all the Fused Glass Bowls on our website.  To order one of these fused glass bowls, just reply to this email or send us an email at and tell us you saw the sale on our Glass Newsletter and which fused glass bowl you want.  I will send you a new invoice with the sale price, plus shipping and handling.  This sale will end on 17:53, December the 13th, 2010June 30, 2008.  If the fused glass bowl has sold when you contact us, we can make a similar fused glass bowl for you if you like.  

Current Projects: I am keeping real busy with my glass projects, working on our website, blogging, and many other related things.  In this Glass Newsletter, I thought I would talk about some of the fused glass bowls that I just finished and added to our website. This gorgeous fused glass bowl is the “Featured Fused Glass Bowl for May” on our website.  This fused glass bowl is 15” in diameter.  There is a clear piece of glass on the bottom of this bowl, so it is very substantial.  I named this bowl “Elegance,” which is the perfect name for it, I think.  This fused glass bowl was a team effort – Dave and I designed and cut out the glass together.  We don’t do that very often, but it was fun working together.


This fused glass bowl or dish is called “Ripply Lines.”  You really have to see this fused glass bowl in person to appreciate how beautiful it is.  It is 14” long and 9 ½” wide.  The glass has a ripply texture and there is an iridized coating on the back that you can see through to the top.  This is one of my new molds and I really love it.  I am in the process of making another fused glass bowl using this mold.


I just love this cute little fused glass bowl!  I named it “Criss Crossing.”  The fused glass bowl is only 6” square, but it took a long time to cut and grind each little square.  Despite the grinding, I really enjoyed the process, as it allowed me to just focus on this one piece of art; everything else around me disappeared.  I fused a layer of clear glass over the little squares and then slumped it in a Ball Mold.


Art Festivals we are attending this year:

Ashland Midsummer’s Dream - June 14 and 15

Sandy Mountain Festival July 12 and 13

Brookings Festival of the Arts August 16 and 17

Until next time,

Christine and Dave



Masters Glass Art Newsletter

March 2008

How did you enjoy the extra day in February?  Did you get some of that extra work done?  Now, you are all caught up with everything, right?!  Well, not me :)  I still seem to be just as behind as I usually am. 

Current Projects:

I have been making a few Drop Ring Vases, lately.  They are a lot of fun to make and I love how they turn out.  Some are tall, which makes it a perfect Glass Vase for fresh or dried flowers.  Some are small and would be perfect for smaller fresh or dried flowers.

On our Website, I did manage to get the -- Featured Glass Item for March-- called “Purple Roses,” on the Home Page on Feb. 29.  The Glass Vase “Purple Roses,”  is a 10” high glass vase that was a Custom Order by one of Dave’s co-workers.  This gentleman saw me pull out another Glass Vase from my kiln and asked me if I could make one, a taller one, for his girlfriend to put roses and other wildflowers in.  I finished the 10” high glass vase one week ago.  I had a really good time making it and I am going to miss it.  I’ll have to start working on another one :)

Would you like to have a gorgeous Glass Vase for your home décor?  You can put dried flowers, as well as fresh flowers in any of our Glass Vases.  Our blue and red glass vase is a small vase, 4 ¾” high.  The small disc of glass at the bottom is fused to the vase, not glued, and gives the vase extra stability for those that prefer not to use a metal stand.  Right now, we have metal stands up to 8” tall.

You can also put a candle in any of our Glass Vases for a warm, relaxing ambience in any room.  Another Glass Vase we have is called “Surprise Inside #2.”  I made one a couple of months ago and it sold the following day after I put it on our website.  After that I made one for a friend of ours who wanted one with a similar design.  At the same time, I made a third one, so I could put one for sale on our website.  Glass Vases like these can be used with a stand for added stability or left “as is” to decorate a shelf or table.

If you have an idea for your own Glass Vase, we welcome Custom Orders.  You can request any colors and any size that you want.  Just send us an email at and we can make a glass vase any way that you want. 

Other News:

We will be attending the Spring Fair at the Douglas Co. Fairgrounds in Roseburg, Oregon, March 28-30, 2008.  The hours are 1-9pm on Friday, 10am-9pm on Saturday, and 12am-5pm on Sunday.  If we see you there, let us know that you read this newsletter and we will give you 20% off on your order.  If you live too far away to attend, we will give you 20% off anything on our website, if you place your order from March 28-30, 2008.  Just EMAIL YOUR REQUEST so we can pull the item from inventory, as the items on the website are also many of the items we bring with us to a show.  Don’t see something you like, but want to make a custom order?  Special orders from newsletter recipients will also get 20% off these same three days.

Other art festivals we are attending (or hoping to attend based on jury selection) this year:

Ashland, OR 2008 Midsummer’s Dream  June 14th and 15th

Sandy, OR  2008 Sandy Mountain Festival July 12th and 13th

Brookings, OR 2008 Festival of the Arts  August 16th and 17th

Could you do us a favor?  Could you add our email address to your list of approved senders?  This will ensure that you receive our emails.  Thanks!

Until next time…

Christine and Dave


Masters Glass Art Newsletter

January 2008

Welcome everyone to the first Masters Glass Art Newsletter of 2008!

Can you believe it's a New Year!  Are you all rested up from the Holidays?  We took a vacation in the middle of December and then we had a quiet Christmas and New Year's Day.  After that we started making glass art again.  When we don't have an Art Festival coming up, we can work on glass projects that we don't find the time to do, otherwise. 

One of those glass projects has been to finish slumping a couple of Glass Plates.  The glass we used is called Black and Clear Baroque and each Glass Plate looks so different from the others.  We are going to make more sets of glass plates with different designs.  These Glass Plates are great for entertaining guests and they are all one-of-a-kind.  To see more of our Glass Plates, click here

I also fused a couple of other Glass Plates.  I made two 11" square pieces of glass that have blotches of yellows, reds, and whites making a pattern with the blotches all going in the same direction.  I cut the two pieces of glass into four triangles and then swapped two triangles between the two pieces of glass.  This way the pattern points to the center or circles around the center, depending on the plate.  One of these plates would look great as a centerpiece or, if purchased as a set, will impress your guests!  Check out our other Glass Plates here:!

Be sure to check out our website for new pieces, including many new pendants:

Until next time…

David and Christine

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