How to Fuse a Glass Pendant:

Blue Glass Pendant

This Fused Glass Tutorial will explain how I fused this Silver/Blue Ripple Dichroic Glass Pendant.








1.  Dichroic Glass

This is the Dichroic Glass that I used to make this Glass Pendant. The color is Silver/Blue with a Ripple Texture.

2.  Template for Glass

For this glass pendant, I made a template for the shape I wanted.  I first sketched the shape on regular paper and when I was happy, I used transfer paper to transfer the shape to a thick piece of cardstock.  Then I cut out the shape.

3.  Template Glued to Glass

I glued the template onto the back of the dichroic glass, because it is much easier to score and cut the glass on the smooth side.

4.  Template for the Clear Glass

At the same time, I cut a slightly larger template that I glued onto a piece of Bullseye Clear Glass.  This clear piece of glass will lie on top of the dichroic piece of glass when it is fired in the kiln.

5.  Grinding the Glass

When the glue has dried, I scored and cut the glass around the template of the dichroic glass and the clear glass.  The glass is ground to the edge of the template making the edges smooth.

6.  Glass Ready To Be Fused

I used a glass cleaner to clean both sides of each glass.  If a large thumbprint or other piece of dirt is left on your pendant, you won’t be very happy. 


7.  Firing Schedule

Now the two pieces of glass are ready to be fused in the kiln.  I use a manual glass kiln.  All kilns are different, so you will need to determine how your kiln works.  Everyone's firing schedule will be different.

I fire my kiln to 1460 degrees and hold it for 10 minutes for the glass to flatten out and also for the entire Fused Glass Pendant to reach the same temperature. 



8.  Glue a Bail onto the Fused Glass Pendant

I roughened up the surface of the bail and the pendant with a dremel and a diamond bit.  I use an adhesive (E6000) to adhere the bail to the back of the Fused Glass Pendant and let it dry for a few days.  Get yourself a cord or chain for the glass pendant and it is ready to wear.

Let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to help as much as I can.  My email is fused.glass.hello@gmail.com.

Send me photos of the Fused Glass Pendants you have made.  I would love to see them!  

Have fun and use your creativity!!  

Let me know how you like this Fused Glass Tutorial.





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