Have you ever wanted your own website?  Try this Website for Free!  It is easy to create your own website and you will also get some help building it.


Reasons For Getting Your Own Free Website:

    • Show Your Glass Art or other Art on Your Own Free Website!

Add pictures of your Art and let people know that they can view it at your very own Free Website.

    • Use Your Own Free Website As a Business Card!

Would you like to have a Free Website that is an extention of your Business Card?

Just add your Website Address to your Business Card that you hand out to people.  Your Free Website gives your customers more information and/or photographs of your business.


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Website4free Check out this website for information about getting your own Free Website.  It is so easy to use, just a point and click system.  No HTML experience is needed.


Do you want to offer Credit Cards for your customers to pay for their items on your Free Website?  This is called having a Merchant Account.

Do you have a website, but still can't accept Visa/Mastercard/ Discover/American Express?  You could be losing sales, as some buyers will go elsewhere, rather than take the time to send you a check.  This site tells you about Merchant Accounts and provides access to Aria Financial.  They can qualify you and get you started on the way to having your own Merchant Account and increased sales.

Click here: Merchant Account  to find out more.